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Yoga, Pilates and skiing with Britt

Portrait de Britt Monnier le visage à moitié caché par son ski.

Welcome to my world.

I am Britt, Hatha Yoga and Pilates teacher in the Haute-Tarentaise valley since 2019.

I give regular group classes in Bourg-Saint-Maurice and La Rosière, as well as private classes that I prepare on demand, for a perfect adaptation to each person’s needs.

In winter, I teach skiing at the French Ski School of Les Arcs 1600.

I regularly offer wellness breaks and retreats combining my passions. I welcome you, depending on the season, in a mountain refuge or near the ocean,  wherever my heart takes me.

Physical fitness is the first requirement for happiness.

Joseph Pilates

A few words about me

Settled in the Haute-Tarentaise valley since 2019, I am in love with mountains, nature and water in all its forms.

Years spent on the ski slopes all over Europe, competition – its great emotions and the injuries it brings – and then a world tour in globe-trotting mode have brought me a rich and varied experience, the certainty that in any field, balance brings harmony.

Britt Monnier remontant un couloir skis sur le dos.
Yoga Mudra, zoom sur une main en Gyan Mudra.

The hazards of life and beautiful encounters led me to Pilates and then to Yoga. Disciplines that are both physical and philosophical, that mix practices and lead to well-being and self-realization.

An approach perfectly aligned with the way I like to teach skiing since always, in benevolence, joy and sharing.

Relentlessly, I continue my apprenticeship with nature and the elements. I need to continue experimenting with myself so that I can pass on my knowledge and share it with others.
I took Camille Pelloux’s Naturopathie Vivante course. Then astrology training with Catherine Saurat-Pavard.

Yoga Mudra, zoom sur une main en Gyan Mudra.

Weekly group classes


Hatha Yoga

18h30 – 19h45







Bourg St-Maurice


1 class : 15€


The Sanskrit word YOGA means to unite, to connect.

The practice allows us to link all aspects of our being – physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual – in the search for harmony.

Harmony with yourself, but also harmony with what surrounds us: our immediate environment, nature, the universe.


Pilates offers an intelligent form of exercise for a stronger, more balanced and healthier body.

It is a unique method of strengthening and lengthening muscles, improving posture, flexibility and balance.

Through regular breathing, Pilates teaches muscles to work in harmony from a strong center.


Skiing is a wonderful sport that offers sensations from the first slides.

From the beginner discovering the practice to the touring skier who goes on an off-piste adventure, through the lover of beautiful curves on the slopes, everyone finds his pleasure on the snow.

All this in the heart of magnificent landscapes…

Workshops, wellness breaks and retreats

By the day

Yoga sur la Terrasse du refuge du Remonte Pente, à Montvalezan.


Duration : 2 to 7 hours

Activities that complement each other for a moment of relaxation and well-being in a natural setting.

Yoga, Pilates, meditation, skiing or other practices organized in workshops, for a life-saving break.

On weekends

Cours de yoga dans un chalet de montagne avec Britt Monnier.


Duration : 2 to 3 days 

A time for yourself in the mountains, to discover or progress serenely.

Alpine skiing or ski touring, Yoga, Pilates and mediation are combined with one or two nights in a refuge, far from the rest of the world

And more...

Terrasse de la villa Mellow Beach House au Maroc au couchant.


 Duration : 4 days and more

Quiet retreat in carefully selected locations to recharge and cut away from the daily grind.

Total immersion in the local environment to practice Yoga and Pilates in complete serenity.


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