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Plume en contre-jour dans le couchant.
Britt Monnier en posture de Yoga.
Plume en contre-jour dans le couchant.

Principles of the method

Invented by Joseph Pilates, the method refers to the controlled movements of the body and mind. The master encourages his students to focus on the starting point of all movement: the « powerhouse », the center of strength of the body.

Britt Monnier en posture de Pilates sur une terrasse en bois et un tapis rouge.
Britt Monnier pratique le Pilates sur machine.

BREATHING – specific, lateral thoracic, soothing.

FOCUS – on the movement and its execution.

THE CENTER – all movements start from the center, the powerhouse.

CONTROL – of the movement through the associated breathing.

FLUIDITY – slow movements that let our body express itself.

PRECISION – quality of execution of the movement, not quantity.

Britt Monnier pratique le Pilates sur machine.

Through regular breathing, Pilates teaches the muscles to work in harmony from a strong center.

Benefits of Pilates

Through a series of varied, non-repetitive exercises, one learns to activate weak muscles and relax tight muscles in order to balance the musculature.

The body quickly becomes leaner, stronger and harmonized. The method is practiced on the floor (with or without accessories) or on specialized equipment (reformer, cadillac, chair).

Pilates can be practiced as a sport on its own, as a complement to another physical activity or to accompany a rehabilitation.

The exercises are adapted according to the level, the needs of each person and the possible pathologies.

Britt Monnier en posture de Pilates sur la plage.
Fleur de lotus rose.

Its regular practice improves posture, back pain disappears, the belly becomes firmer, the body becomes strong and flexible.

The gestures of the sportsmen become more effective, because better controlled and the risks of injury or muscular imbalance decrease.

Fleur de lotus rose.


Group classes



18h30 – 19h30



1 class : 15€

Cours particuliers

Private classes


At home or outdoors

According to your needs and desires

Session for 1 to 4 people: 65€ 

+ 10€ per additional person

+ travel expenses

Britt Monnier ne posture de Pilates sur l'herbe.

Progressive and gentle, Pilates is for everyone:

men and women, athletes or not, pregnant women, seniors and those with back pain.


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