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Britt Monnier en posture de yoga ardhadanurasana face aux montagnes.
Mains tenant une petite fleur des champs jaune en offrande.

On the path to yoga

Yoga landed on my life 10 years ago. The practice quickly became a vital need.

Passionate about movement, I first practiced Vinyasa before discovering Hatha Yoga.

Meditation, mantra chanting, pranayamas, these subtle practices helped me to calm my mind, to feel the vital energy circulating within me.

It is these benefits and this philosophy of life that I seek to share and transmit in my classes.

Britt Monnier en posture de Yoga.

Staying still for a few breaths during a posture allows you to become aware of your inner space. Thus, whatever the level, one rediscovers each posture with a new eye, with each practice.

This infinite path contributes to a true physical, mental and energetic balance.

Hatha Yoga teaches to observe, to accept, to welcome what is. It contributes to improve the well-being of everyone.


Hatha Yoga

The paths of yoga are multiple but the objective is the same for all the practices : to calm our minds and to  develop the inner peace.

It is no longer a question of well being with yourself but simply BEING.

Oeil au coeur d'une feuille.
Cours de yoga dans un chalet de montagne avec Britt Monnier.

In the word Hatha Yoga, Ha means sun and Tha, moon.

Hatha Yoga therefore means to connect (yoga) the energy of the sun (ha) and the energy of the moon (tha).

Hatha also means « effort ». That is why Hatha Yoga is considered as the Yoga of effort. It mixes postural practice with breathing practice -pranayama- as well as inner meditation, listening to your inner space and feel stillness.

It is a very complete yoga.

Oeil au coeur d'une feuille.

Yoga classes

Group classes


Hatha Yoga

18h30 – 19h45



1 class : 15€

Private classes


At home or on location

Let’s work according to your needs and desires

Session for 1 to 4 people: 65€

+ 10€ /add. pers.

+ expenses


New moon workshop
October 14, 2023
November 13, 2023
13 December 13, 2023

Co-hosted by Britt Monnier

and Natacha Rottier, Artist

1h30 of yoga linked to the element of the new moon: fire, earth, air, water

1h30 of artistic creation in matter to formulate our intention for the new cycle

In the Tarentaise Valley

Price : €45 per person


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